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A Comprehensive Guide to Fix a Transfer Case in Your Volvo in Plano

by europewpadmin July 10, 2021

Taking care of a Volvo involves many steps. There are many components involved in keeping the whole of the vehicle working the way it needs to. One of these components that is vital is the transfer case. Without a working transfer case, your four-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive will not work. In other words, this means your Volvo is unable to have good traction without a functional transfer case.

While replacing your transfer case is generally not going to be as significant of a concern as replacing or repairing other components of your vehicle, the occasional issue with it does happen from time to time. Knowing how to recognize a failing transfer case is vital for your safety and those around you. Fortunately, we have compiled a listing of the most important things to know about transfer cases and signs that your transfer case may be failing below.

What You Should Know About Your Car’s Transfer Case

Your Volvo’s transfer case is a complex component. To explain this component in its most basic form, it is a part of your car that helps send power from your engine to the four wheels using the front and rear axles.

All vehicles that have four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive will have a transfer case. Depending on the type of transfer case you have, it may use chains, hydraulics, or gears.

While transfer cases are sturdy and will usually last for the vehicle’s lifetime, issues with them breaking down can occur. Look out for the following signs to determine if your transfer case may be having problems.

Signs That There May Be An Issue With Your Transfer Case

A faulty transfer case has a few obvious signs that something wrong is happening. Here are a few of the most common things to look for to determine if your transfer case is at fault.

  • You are unable to stay in four-wheel drive. If you see that your Volvo is unable to remain engaged in four-wheel drive or is not engaging at all, this is usually a sign that something is going on with your transfer case. The problem could stem from an electrical issue to a mechanical problem on the axle.
  • You are having difficulty shifting gears. The majority of consumer vehicles have automatic gear shifting, which the transfer case helps facilitate. While the transfer case may not be the only cause of the inability to shift gears, such as low fluid levels correctly, it is often the most common cause. If there is an issue with your transfer case, you may hear grinding noises when your car is attempting to shift gears.
  • Your car is dripping oil underneath the location of your transfer case. This symptom is a bit more straightforward. If you see oil dripping from your vehicle in the area where your transfer case is, the chances are that there is a leak from your transfer case.
  • Your vehicle’s dashboard is giving a four-wheel drive warning light. The most common reason your Volvo may be displaying a “service four-wheel-drive” message is due to having a faulty transfer case. Getting your transfer case investigated by a technician will be one of the first steps you take to alleviate this error.

European Auto Tech Makes The Transfer To A Working Car Smooth

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If you have any issues with your Volvo or know anyone else who is having problems with their European car, we would encourage you to book an appointment with us to have a technician run a diagnostic check on your car and give you a proper diagnosis.

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