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Land Rover Engine Overheating

Best Garage in Plano to Fix Coolant Leaks in a Land Rover

by europewpadmin August 18, 2020

The Land Rover brand is known to harmonize elegance, comfort, and rugged reliability in order to bring out the adventurer in every owner. Land Rover has built a loyal following by engineering their vehicles to hold up in the extreme elements while also projecting style and class.

As an owner of a quality vehicle, sometimes mechanical issues can occur from damage or wear, which can result in problems such as coolant leaks. In this article, we will discuss the symptoms and causes of coolant leaks in your Land Rover and what to do if they occur.

Hazards of A Coolant Leak

Coolant is a substance designed for your Land Rover and other vehicles to prevent overheating in your engine and other components and prevent costly damage. Coolant is also known as an anti-freeze and keeps your vehicle’s water from freezing during winter. When mixed with water in your cooling system, the coolant maintains a constant temperature within your engine regardless of weather conditions and prevents damage to your Land Rover.

Familiar Symptoms of Coolant Leaks

Below are the most common signs of a coolant leak:


Engine or transmission overheating can be a sure sign you are losing coolant. If your temperature gauge begins to run hot on your land rover, have it serviced by a professional immediately as overheating of an engine can be an expensive repair.

Problems such as a warped engine head or even a seized engine can occur with overheating. Do not take a chance by ignoring an overheating engine. If overheating happens, bring your Land Rover to a professional technician for inspection.

Puddles of Colored Liquid

Outside of overheating, probably the easiest way to know if your Land Rover is leaking coolant is to see colored fluid underneath your car. Coolant is usually green or orange and stands out among other vehicle liquids with its unique color.

Sweet Smell

Coolant has a distinctive sweet smell that will be a pungent warning that you have a coolant leak issue when released from your car. If you smell a strange odor, look for evidence of leaking coolant before damage occurs.

Common Causes of Coolant Leaks

When a water pump fails on a vehicle, it will generally begin to leak water and coolant. Water pump leaks are usually not seen when your car is running, but as soon as the engine is turned off, a large amount of water and coolant will pour out of the pump and onto the ground. Do not operate your vehicle if this happens. Contact a professional technician right away.

A damaged radiator will allow coolant to leak, especially once the engine has gotten to running temperature. This is why radiators can be challenging to troubleshoot since you may not see the evidence of the leak when the car is not running. A leaky radiator will, however, usually show itself with an overheating engine.

As with a damaged radiator, coolant lines can become worn, loose, or damaged over years of driving. Once these lines become insufficient to hold the pressure of the water and coolant, they will begin to leak, causing low levels of coolant.

One of the more common causes of a coolant leak is a blown head gasket. The problem with a blown head gasket is you will not usually see a leak outside of the vehicle, but instead, your coolant is allowed to leak into your engine and mix with your oil. This will cause an engine to overheat quickly and can cause severe damage to your Land Rover if not caught right away.

European Auto Tech Will Fix Your Coolant Issues

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