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BMW Electronic Issue

Best Repair Shop in Plano for Repair of Electronic Issues in BMW

by europewpadmin October 5, 2020

Modern cars are increasingly moving toward electrical-based operations, as manufacturers progress in their manufacturing capabilities. This means that as newer cars are created, more and more electrical complications can potentially arise.

Multiple components in BMW models operate off of electrical power. This means problems can be more difficult to fix yourself when electrical complications occur. Technological tools, computer coding, and programming knowledge can hinder your ability to DIY these electrical issues. So, let’s take a closer look at the more common problems and where to go for a quick fix for any electrical issues in your BMW.

Common Electrical Problems

There are a variety of different malfunctions that may arise when your vehicle is experiencing electrical issues. While some of them can be relatively harmless and can be left unresolved for a period of time, others can be life-threatening and should be handled by a mechanic immediately.

Problems with the battery

The 3 main components of any vehicle’s electrical system are the battery, alternator, and starter. These pieces not only start your car each time you turn the key, but also keep it running. Cars rely on these parts functioning correctly to provide electricity to the rest of the components of your vehicle. A BMW battery is expected to last around 4 years, so if your battery is not near that time frame, it is likely a complication stemming from that.

Another issue that can arise is that your vehicle’s battery might not be dead but still may have a low-performance output. Terminals and cord connectors might corrode over time from various factors, such as weather exposure, which causes an insecure connection to your vehicle’s battery. You can try and clean the terminals of your battery yourself to see if that will resolve any battery issues, but if that does not help, schedule a visit to a garage.

Relay and switch issues

BMWs, like any other vehicle, use relays and switches to turn circuits on and off as needed. Any problems with these parts of your car can lead to electricity not being routed to the correct location of your vehicle, putting your vehicle at risk of not running correctly.

Battery cable connector

Many BMW models are known to have issues regarding increased corrosion of the positive battery cable connector and the corresponding fuse box terminal. These complications can prompt the battery to degrade at an increased rate, so this problem is best handled quickly.

Computer issues

Complications can arise where your car’s computer system might not properly function. If resetting the computer does not fix the problem you are experiencing, it is best to consult a mechanic to determine the issues, as it is likely to be an electrical issue.

Causes of Electrical Problems

There are many issues that can cause electrical complications in your vehicle, the most notable being human error and extreme temperature. If you have exposed your vehicle to extremely hot or cold temperatures, especially over a prolonged period of time, reduced electrical output is a potential result.

Additionally, human error could result in a myriad of electrical issues. If any electrical component of your car is not in its correct positioning, electricity might not run through to all the areas it needs.

There are other causes that can potentially lead to electrical issues. One is parasitic drain, which is when electrical components of your vehicle run even when the car is not turned on. Some parts, such as the clock and alarm system, are meant to draw power to maintain their purpose. However, if other parts unnecessarily utilize electricity, the battery can degrade rapidly.

The Solution: European Auto Tech

If you believe your vehicle’s electrical components are not performing as they should, contact us at European Auto Tech to BMW Battery Check schedule an inspection. Specializing in both European and Asian cars, we are known to provide fast and quality service throughout the regions of Allen, Dallas, Flower Mound, Frisco, Highland Park, McKinney, Park Cities, Richardson, Southlake, University Park, and Plano, TX.

With quality master mechanics who hold decades of combined experience, we are sure we can resolve any electrical issues your vehicle might have. We use only the latest tools and equipment to ensure your car receives the care it needs. With our 90-day/4,000 mile warranty, you’ll have the confidence of knowing you can quickly return to us if you experience any issues. Call us today to set up a convenient appointment.

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