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Best European Auto Repair, Service & Maintenance Tips

MINI Damaged Engine Mount

Watch Out for These Signs of Engine Mount Failure in Your Mini

by europewpadmin January 10, 2021

Just imagine: You’re driving your Mini down the Pacific Coast Highway with the beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean beside you and the wind in your hair as you speed down the highway. Suddenly, the unthinkable happens. Your Mini begins to rumble, vibrating uncontrollably as you hear a disastrous knocking sound coming from your engine. It is the tell-tale signs…

Porsche Ignition Lock Failure Sign

The Best Way to Deal With Ignition Lock Failure in a Porsche

by europewpadmin December 25, 2020

The ignition lock can be found on the right side of your Porsche’s steering wheel. It is also the mechanism where you insert your key to start your Porsche. When it fails, you can have trouble starting your car. The ignition lock switch does more than start your vehicle. There are different notches with different functions. One notch will unlock…

Jaguar XJ Car

The Leading Repair Shop in Plano for Fixing Self-Leveling Suspension Failure in a Jaguar

by europewpadmin December 9, 2020

The dynamic handling and agility that gives Jaguar its unsurpassed reputation are the direct result of its sophisticated driving technology. Thanks to an inspired design, the self-leveling suspension system grips those tight turns and glides over flawed roads for an unparalleled connected steering feeling. Another benefit of that smooth ride that is not often considered is its effectiveness in alerting…

Volvo Transfer Case Failure Sign

The Best Ways to Detect a Transfer Case Failure in Your Volvo

by europewpadmin November 23, 2020

The best brands demand the best treatment. To get the longest lifespan and highest performance, European cars require superior services. If you suspect something may be wrong with your Volvo, it’s best to leave it up to the professionals to inspect and diagnose. At European Auto Tech we will determine what is wrong with your vehicle and be transparent with…

Volkswagen Passat

The Best Fix for DME Communication Failure in Volkswagen

by europewpadmin November 6, 2020

Your Volkswagen is an intricate piece of machinery that can have problems arise at any point in time. With the large number of parts working together under the hood to bring about the powerful ride that you have come to love, it’s no wonder that you may be concerned when an unknown issue rears its head. Take solace in the…

Mercedes MAF Sensor

Reasons for Mass Airflow Failure in Mercedes From Certified Mechanics in Plano

by europewpadmin October 21, 2020

While Mercedes vehicles are known for their high-quality parts, they are still subject to environmental wear-and-tear that all vehicles experience over time. Regular maintenance and personal care of your Mercedes can prevent simple issues, such as mass airflow sensor failure, from metastasizing into a more chronic issue for your beloved vehicle. In this article, we’ll discuss the purpose of the…

BMW Electronic Issue

Best Repair Shop in Plano for Repair of Electronic Issues in BMW

by europewpadmin October 5, 2020

Modern cars are increasingly moving toward electrical-based operations, as manufacturers progress in their manufacturing capabilities. This means that as newer cars are created, more and more electrical complications can potentially arise. Multiple components in BMW models operate off of electrical power. This means problems can be more difficult to fix yourself when electrical complications occur. Technological tools, computer coding, and…

Porsche Unresponsive Clutch

When Should You Replace the Clutch Slave Cylinder in Your Porsche

by europewpadmin September 19, 2020

To create the powerful performance you have come to love in your Porsche, various parts under the hood must work together simultaneously. In a manual transmission, there are certain components that wear down and need to be replaced faster than others, one being the clutch slave cylinder. Before diving into how you can tell when this piece needs to be…

Jaguar Automatic Transmission

Ways to Deal With Automatic Transmission Jerking in a Jaguar

by europewpadmin September 3, 2020

Jaguars are elegant and luxurious vehicles. They provide drivers with the excitement of high-end performance, and they are a symbol of success. Jaguars can experience component failures. One issue that plagues Jaguars is automatic transmission trouble. Causes of Automatic Transmission Jerking in Jaguar Jerking during shifting can be worrisome. Your Jaguar should provide a smooth ride. If it is experiencing…

Land Rover Engine Overheating

Best Garage in Plano to Fix Coolant Leaks in a Land Rover

by europewpadmin August 18, 2020

The Land Rover brand is known to harmonize elegance, comfort, and rugged reliability in order to bring out the adventurer in every owner. Land Rover has built a loyal following by engineering their vehicles to hold up in the extreme elements while also projecting style and class. As an owner of a quality vehicle, sometimes mechanical issues can occur from…

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