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Best European Auto Repair, Service & Maintenance Tips

Porsche Clogged Air Filter

What To Do When Your Porsche’s Air Filter Becomes Clogged In Plano?

by europewpadmin May 8, 2022

Porsche AG is the largest and most traditional sports car manufacturer, and it is the most profitable automotive manufacturer in the world. Porsche cars are considered among the finest in engine performance in the world. An engine needs oxygen for the combustion process, just as humans need oxygen to breathe. An air filter keeps dust and debris out of the…

Volvo Cruise Control

How Does Cruise Control Work in a Volvo Car?

by europewpadmin April 21, 2022

Since the inception of the first automobile in 1879, cars have continually evolved. Volvo has also continued to innovate and maintain its reputation as one of the most durable and reliable vehicles in the market. One of such innovations is adding the cruise control system in their cars. Let’s face it, sitting for hours, steering, accelerating, and braking can be…

Volkswagen Polo Car

Top 5 Safety Features That You Can Find In A Volkswagen Polo

by europewpadmin April 4, 2022

As a driver, you want to ensure that you, your passengers, and others on the road are going to be safe. The Volkswagen Polo is one of the best small vehicles made by Volkswagen with its spacious and comfortable design, as well as its high quality safety features. It is not distributed by Volkswagen in the US, but if you’ve…

MINI Performance Issue

How to Diagnose a Decrease in Performance in a Mini in Plano

by europewpadmin March 18, 2022

Mini is a sporty automotive brand that has a reputation for high performance that delivers a unique driving experience with increased acceleration capabilities and fantastic maneuverability. As the owner of a Mini, it can be extremely disappointing if your vehicle doesn’t seem to be performing up to its usual standards. If your Mini appears to be exhibiting a decrease in…

Mercedes Check Engine Light

The Leading Repair Shop in Plano to Diagnose Check Engine Light Issues in a Mercedes

by europewpadmin March 1, 2022

The check engine light on your Mercedes is designed to alert you to problems with the vehicle’s operating system. Its role is to keep you informed about any potential problems that you can’t see or aren’t aware of. In this article, we will go into the murky waters of check-engine light issues in your Mercedes and what can be done…

Porsche Gear Slippage

How to Deal with a Transmission Valve Body Failure in a Porsche

by europewpadmin February 12, 2022

Over the years, Porsche has mastered the art of combining dynamic design with excellent performance. Regular maintenance & servicing are essential to maintain this level of performance, durability, and comfort. Various components need to be repaired or replaced after a specific amount of time, caused by either normal wear and tear or by damage due to driving circumstances. The valve…

Volkswagen MAF Sensor

Why It Can Be Dangerous to Drive a Volkswagen with a Faulty MAF Sensor

by europewpadmin January 26, 2022

Volkswagens are often chosen due to the brand’s reputation as a safe and reliable automobile, but MAF sensor issues can dramatically impact your car’s driveability and durability. Like any sensible car owner, you wonder what your specific car problem means and what kind of issues you’re going to be faced with. So let’s discuss a faulty MAF sensor so you…

Lexus Hard Steering Wheel

Tips from the Plano Experts to Identify a Power Steering Rack Leak in a Lexus

by europewpadmin January 9, 2022

To fully appreciate the thrilling ride that your Lexus provides, you must have a true understanding of all engine components as well as a thorough understanding of the fuel and fluids that your vehicle needs to function. Many people attempt to drive their cars despite the fact that they have major difficulties with them. A power steering leak is one…

Mercedes Slow Gear Shift

How to Deal With 13 Pin Connector Issues in a Mercedes in Plano

by europewpadmin December 23, 2021

The 13 pin connector is the site of various major automated connections that make your Mercedes function automatically. One of the most threatening faults that could occur in your Mercedes is with the 13 pin connector. The issues it develops are quite delicate and they require competent expertise to deal with it. Let’s go further to discuss these possible problems…

Volvo Cooling Fan Module

Common Causes of a Cooling Fan Module Failure in a Volvo

by europewpadmin December 6, 2021

Volvo has always served its customers with nothing less than durable and high-performance vehicles. Volvo also had to recall some of its vehicles because of the failure of its cooling fan module. The cooling fan module is as important as the engine and other components of your Volvo. The cooling fan module in your Volvo is also called the radiator…

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