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Best European Auto Repair, Service & Maintenance Tips

BMW Vacuum Hose Leak

Best Repair Shop in Plano for Fixing Your BMW’s Vacuum Hose Leaks

by europewpadmin May 21, 2020

BMWs are able to offer high performance and style in one vehicle. In order to keep this perfect partnership of your BMW in peak running order, you need to keep on top of your vehicle’s scheduled servicing and maintenance. European Auto Tech knows exactly how to keep your car operating at its best. We want to make sure that all…

Volvo Suspension

Reasons Behind Suspension Bushing Failure in a Volvo

by europewpadmin May 5, 2020

As the owner of a Volvo, you expect your vehicle to fulfill its promises of lavish comfort, deft precision, and revolutionary performance. The suspension bushings in your Volvo play a tantamount role in providing a smooth ride that is both secure and enjoyable. However, like all other vehicle components, the suspension bushings experience normal wear as time goes on. When…

White Porcshe Car

Signs of Air-Oil Separator Failure in Your Porsche

by europewpadmin April 19, 2020

We know your Porsche is a high performance vehicle that will get you anywhere in comfort, style, and in efficient timing. Your Porsche is an important tool that deserves quality care and maintenance to keep it running for years to come. So we know how annoying it can be when something starts to impede that performance that the Porsche brand…

Car Outside Home

Importance of Having a Vehicle During A Pandemic

by europewpadmin April 3, 2020

* The Blog Post is originally written by David Gersh in German Repair Shop Marketing. Right now, many find themselves at home for long periods of time in quarantine, either self-imposed or mandated. Concerns of the spread of the novel coronavirus have risen and become such a central focus of our lives and thoughts that some things may understandably get…

Land Rover Discovery 4

Most Sought After Garage in Plano for Repairing Land Rover DSC Failure

by europewpadmin April 2, 2020

Land Rovers have gained popularity over the years for both their durability and their versatility. These vehicles are designed with a high set of standards and innovative technology that keeps them on the roads for long periods of time. To keep up the quality of the vehicle, maintenance is required on several different parts that are susceptible to failure. One…

Jaguar Air Suspension

Dealing with Air Suspension Failure in Your Jaguar from Experienced Mechanics in Plano

by europewpadmin March 16, 2020

High-end vehicles like Jaguars have technologically-advanced engineering that provides driving experiences with ultimate performance and reliability. Air suspension is one of these innovations. It is a revolutionary and light-weight suspension system that uses pressurized air to adjust to shifting weight and bumpy roads. This provides your vehicle with an unprecedented smooth ride. Often, the highly-efficient systems offered in exclusive car…

Volvo Tie Rod

Ways to Fix Tie Rod Failure in Your Volvo

by europewpadmin February 28, 2020

As a Volvo owner, you know that the brand is synonymous for dependability, safety, and performance handling. A properly-maintained Volvo will handle like a dream for years and years, minimizing your chance of an accident and making sure you arrive alive. This is why Volvo lovers return to the brand repeatedly. However, all mechanical components of any vehicle are subject…

MINI Engine Overheat

Ways to Fix Water Pump & Thermostat Leaks in a MINI

by europewpadmin February 11, 2020

The water pump of your vehicle is a critical component of your MINI. Its purpose is to prevent engine overheating by circulating coolant throughout the engine’s internal cavity. Since the engine is powered by a bunch of small explosions (e.g., combustion), if it is not functioning properly, the risk of overheating is quite high and can lead to significant damages.…

Volkswagen Ignition Coil

Tips to Identify Ignition Coil Failure in Your Volkswagen

by europewpadmin January 25, 2020

Ignition coil failure in your Volkswagen can cause a variety of inconvenient symptoms such as rough idling and misfires. It can also contribute to further part failure, such as the premature wear of your spark plugs. Let’s take a closer look at the different kinds of ignition coil as well as why the coils may fail, what this means for…

Mercedes Differential

Reasons Behind Your Mercedes’ Differential Failure From Certified Technicians in Plano

by europewpadmin January 8, 2020

The differential is an important component in your Mercedes. It plays a major role in how your car performs. If you experience complete failure, your car will break down and you will become stranded. You may have heard that Mercedes’ newer models have lifetime fluid in the differential, but this is a misleading statement. After time, your fluid can get…

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