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Black Porsche 911 Turbo S Car

Plano’s Best Garage to Address a Porsche’s Fuel Pump Leak

by europewpadmin October 8, 2023

A fuel pump plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of a car’s engine. Situated in the fuel tank, the fuel pump’s primary task is to deliver an adequate amount of fuel to the engine at the required pressure. This fuel is then used in the combustion process to generate power and propel the vehicle. The fuel pump operates…

Porsche Engine Overheating

Reasons for Coolant Leaks from Your Porsche’s Thermostat Housing

by europewpadmin May 24, 2022

As amazing as Porsche models are, they can develop various issues that affect their function. One of the most common issues that your Porsche may develop is coolant leaks from the thermostat housing. It’s not easy to repair a thermostat housing coolant leak, so it’s important to understand how it develops and what can be done to prevent this. The…

Porsche Clogged Air Filter

What To Do When Your Porsche’s Air Filter Becomes Clogged In Plano?

by europewpadmin May 8, 2022

Porsche AG is the largest and most traditional sports car manufacturer, and it is the most profitable automotive manufacturer in the world. Porsche cars are considered among the finest in engine performance in the world. An engine needs oxygen for the combustion process, just as humans need oxygen to breathe. An air filter keeps dust and debris out of the…

Porsche Gear Slippage

How to Deal with a Transmission Valve Body Failure in a Porsche

by europewpadmin February 12, 2022

Over the years, Porsche has mastered the art of combining dynamic design with excellent performance. Regular maintenance & servicing are essential to maintain this level of performance, durability, and comfort. Various components need to be repaired or replaced after a specific amount of time, caused by either normal wear and tear or by damage due to driving circumstances. The valve…

Porsche Used Water Pump

The Leading Auto Shop in Plano to Fix a Leaky Water Pump in Your Porsche

by europewpadmin August 27, 2021

A Porsche is known as one of the best performance vehicles you can own. It has a reputation as a luxury sports vehicle with a high-performance engine and technology. They are comfortable enough to use daily and flashy enough to get a reaction out in public. One of the most common problems Porsches face is a leaky water pump. The…

Porsche Ignition Lock Failure Sign

The Best Way to Deal With Ignition Lock Failure in a Porsche

by europewpadmin December 25, 2020

The ignition lock can be found on the right side of your Porsche’s steering wheel. It is also the mechanism where you insert your key to start your Porsche. When it fails, you can have trouble starting your car. The ignition lock switch does more than start your vehicle. There are different notches with different functions. One notch will unlock…

Porsche Unresponsive Clutch

When Should You Replace the Clutch Slave Cylinder in Your Porsche

by europewpadmin September 19, 2020

To create the powerful performance you have come to love in your Porsche, various parts under the hood must work together simultaneously. In a manual transmission, there are certain components that wear down and need to be replaced faster than others, one being the clutch slave cylinder. Before diving into how you can tell when this piece needs to be…

White Porcshe Car

Signs of Air-Oil Separator Failure in Your Porsche

by europewpadmin April 19, 2020

We know your Porsche is a high performance vehicle that will get you anywhere in comfort, style, and in efficient timing. Your Porsche is an important tool that deserves quality care and maintenance to keep it running for years to come. So we know how annoying it can be when something starts to impede that performance that the Porsche brand…

Porsche Clutch Problem

Fixing the Pressure Accumulator Failure in Your Porsche

by europewpadmin November 18, 2019

As Porsche represents the very pinnacle of top-tier motoring, anything which impacts its impressive performance, endurance, or power should not be tolerated. However, given time, and with potential design flaws added into the mix, standards can start to slip. While German manufacturer Porsche does offer the very best in motoring, no brand is ever perfect. When it comes to Porsche’s…

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