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Volvo AC Not Working

Causes of an HVAC Compressor Failure in Your Volvo

by europewpadmin March 1, 2021

One common concern among Volvo owners is a failing HVAC compressor. Imagine you enter your steaming car on a hot, summer day, only to find that the AC isn’t working. Or maybe it’s on but it’s only blowing more warm air into your car. How disappointing and frustrating that can be! Fortunately, you can avoid this situation by noticing some signs that your HVAC compressor is failing. Once you identify the symptoms, you can get a simple fix by going to a trusted mechanic.

Signs of a Failing HVAC Compressor

You can discern if you have a failing or a failed HVAC compressor by noticing the following symptoms in your Volvo. Conveniently bring your Volvo to our professional technicians so we can fix your AC and get it back to normal.

AC Not Cooling

Have you noticed that the AC in your Volvo isn’t cooling at all? You can hear the AC fan, but it’s only blowing hot air into your car. You set the temperature as cool as it will go and still it’s just not working. Don’t be frustrated. This can mean two things. The HVAC compressor may be unable to move refrigerant throughout the system. If this happens, then your car doesn’t have the ability to cool itself. Secondly, if that’s not the case, then there could be a refrigerant leak. In either of these situations, it’s a good idea to get your Volvo checked by a highly-trained mechanic right away.

Loud Sounds

Another sign of a failing HVAC compressor are loud sounds you haven’t heard before when the compressor is running. Compressors use bearings to help keep it running smoothly, and if these fail, then these small, steel balls can cause various groaning, gritty, or grinding sounds.

Additionally, a car tries to overcompensate when any part of its system begins to fail. If one part isn’t working as it should then another feature might be pushed to work harder. This is often the case with the fan. If the compressor is failing, then you might hear the fan working harder to force air and get working. Overall, if you hear anything suspicious when the AC is on then a failing HVAC compressor might be the source.

Constantly-Running Compressor

An additional symptom of a failing HVAC compressor is if the compressor is constantly running or it does not run at all. Compressors have a clutch that engages with the engine. This clutch indicates when the compressor needs to turn on or off to save energy and save the parts from abnormal wear and tear due to overuse. If the clutch is broken, then the compressor will either continue to run non-stop, causing the excessive wear on the compressor, or not run at all. Take your Volvo to an experienced mechanic to check this out.

European Auto Tech

If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, then you should take your vehicle to a Volvo service center as soon as possible. When Volvo Air Conditioning System Servicing your Volvo is taken for inspection, all the various components of the AC will be checked. If there are leaks, then finding it early can save coolant and even save you money.

A failed compressor will need to be replaced along with any lines or the clutch. Fortunately, these parts are usually repaired or replaced easily, but you want to ensure you have the best hands working on your luxury vehicle.

At European Auto Tech we offer the best services possible and the highest-quality performance. Our well-trained technicians can take a look at your Volvo to swiftly identify any concerns or issues, and put your mind at ease!

European Auto Tech is conveniently located in Plano, TX, and we’re able to offer our unrivaled customer service throughout surrounding cities, such as Allen, Dallas, Flower Mound, Frisco, Highland Park, McKinney, Park Cities, Richardson, Southlake, and University Park.

You can be confident that our certified technicians will handle your Volvo with experience and care. Don’t suffer on a hot day with little or no cool air from your AC. Call or visit European Auto Tech today and we will restore your HVAC system to its original design, which will function properly to keep you comfortable.

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