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Volvo Cooling Fan Module

Common Causes of a Cooling Fan Module Failure in a Volvo

by europewpadmin December 6, 2021

Volvo has always served its customers with nothing less than durable and high-performance vehicles. Volvo also had to recall some of its vehicles because of the failure of its cooling fan module. The cooling fan module is as important as the engine and other components of your Volvo.

The cooling fan module in your Volvo is also called the radiator fan. It is located at the left side of the engine compartment near the radiator in your Volvo. We can liken the cooling fan module to the air conditioners found in our homes, and they serve the same purpose of cooling the engine bay. The cooling fan module regulates the engine’s internal temperature by increasing the flow of air around it.

If the engine doesn’t get efficient cooling from the cooling fan module, it will overheat and damage other parts of your Volvo. Overheating engines are one of the leading causes of car fires around the world. Hence, regularly practice preventive maintenance on your vehicle and report any sign of overheating to a Volvo specialist.

Common Causes of Cooling Fan Module Failure in Volvo

The cooling fan module of your Volvo may fail because of one or more of the following reasons:

Damaged Clutch Assembly

The clutch assembly is the part of the cooling system that attaches the cooling fan module to the engine to ensure that it gets enough power to function properly. If the clutch assembly fails and detaches the cooling fan from the engine, the fan will no longer perform its duties.

The clutch assembly of your Volvo will experience natural wear and tear over time. Hence, ensure that you service your car regularly to detect damage earlier and prevent irreparable damage.

Faulty Temperature Sensors

The temperature sensors ensure that the cooling system of your Volvo is alerted when the engine needs cooling. The temperature sensors are mounted on the cooling fan module to cool the engine when it gets hot. If the sensors develop any fault, the cooling fan module will not activate the fan causing the engine to overheat. Most times, the sensor needs replacement or repair to perform its functions again. So, contact a reliable Volvo specialist for its repairs or replacement.

Leaking Coolant or Low Coolant Level

The coolant is a radiator fluid that circulates through the engine for cooling. If the coolant is low or leaking, the cooling fan module becomes faulty and unable to provide the desired cooling function for the machine. Refill your engine and check the coolant for leaks.

Bad Wiring

Wires connect the cooling fan module to the engine. When the cables break due to heat from the engine or wear and tear, the cooling fan and the engine loses connection. You’ll notice the engine overheating often. In this case, the wires will need to be replaced and appropriately connected to ensure communication between the cooling fan module and the engine.

Symptoms of cooling fan module failure in Volvo

When the cooling fan module of your car develops faults, your Volvo reacts by giving signs. Some of those signs include:

  • frequent overheating of your engine
  • poor air circulation around the engine
  • noise from the engine
  • the fan stops

When you notice any of these signs, report them to a reliable mechanic immediately. Delaying the repair might damage the engine of your Volvo.

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