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Jaguar Air Suspension

Dealing with Air Suspension Failure in Your Jaguar from Experienced Mechanics in Plano

by europewpadmin March 16, 2020

High-end vehicles like Jaguars have technologically-advanced engineering that provides driving experiences with ultimate performance and reliability. Air suspension is one of these innovations. It is a revolutionary and light-weight suspension system that uses pressurized air to adjust to shifting weight and bumpy roads. This provides your vehicle with an unprecedented smooth ride.

Often, the highly-efficient systems offered in exclusive car brands are not found in standard vehicles. If your Jaguar is equipped with air suspension, it’s important that you understand basic malfunctions that can occur in this advanced suspension system. Let’s take a look in the article below.

Know What Causes Air Suspension Failures

When driving a Jaguar that has an air suspension system, you should be aware of the various working parts that can develop problems and disrupt the suspension’s function. Because of the electrical nature of the system, unlike the spring-based suspension system, the Jaguar’s complexity means there are multiple ways it can malfunction.

If you know what to expect with this component, you will be better prepared to have a qualified specialist address any problems that arise. You can understand why regular maintenance is so important in caring for high-performance cars that use air suspension.

Worn Out Relay Circuit

Within the air suspension system, a relay circuit controls when all other electrical circuits open and close in order to regulate the changing air pressure. This smooths your car’s handling. When damage occurs, a worn relay circuit means the malfunctioning electrical system will leave the air compressor stuck in the on or off position. A qualified mechanic will be able to replace or repair this damaged part and set your Jaguar’s air suspension back to rights.

Damaged or Faulty Compressor

The air compressor controls air pressure. It is central to the air suspension’s system groundbreaking ability to offer the smoothest possible ride. Whether the compressor’s wiring is faulty or its mechanisms are blocked, you will need a professional mechanic to determine if it’s repairable or needs total replacement to restore your air suspension’s functionality.

Blocked Valve

A compressor that has too much pressure will cause a valve to be blocked, allow air to leak back into the compressor, and decrease the suspension tightness. A qualified mechanic can identify if this is the cause of any air suspension issues you face.

Squeaking Suspension

If you hear squeaks or screeches while driving, your Jaguar might have failing shocks in its air suspension. Shocks may need to be repaired or replaced, depending on the level of damage. Speak to a mechanic qualified to service Jaguars to determine the right solution for your vehicle.

Faulty Suspension Struts

If your Jaguar has any signs of unidirectional sagging on a single corner or side of your car, the air pressure system is likely having the most easily identifiable failure: faulty suspension struts. These faults are routinely caused during repairs and installation, so make sure to return to the repair shop to address these issues as soon as you can.

Leaking Air

Leaking air is the most frequent cause of air suspension malfunctions, and it’s generally a simple repair. Over time, natural breakdown can cause gaps or tears in the connections between the systems and its valves. It’s important to note that rough handling and poor car maintenance will exacerbate these problems. When air leaks, the suspension system can’t inflate enough to support the car. Make sure you are adhering to the regular maintenance schedule of your Jaguar to avoid this issue.

Let European Auto Tech Protect and Repair Your Air Suspension

To avoid ever having an air suspension failure, we recommend that you stay up-to-date with your recommended preventative car maintenance, Jaguar Air Suspension Check including bringing your Jaguar in for oil changes, tire rotations, alignments, and system checks. European Auto Tech is equipped to handle all the maintenance your high-performance car requires. Should damage or faults occur, we have skilled, knowledgeable mechanics who will find a solution.

European Auto Tech is the right place to find solutions for your Jaguar’s advanced systems. We service communities in and near Allen, Dallas, Flower Mound, Frisco, Highland Park, McKinney, Park Cities, Richardson, Southlake, University Park, and Plano, TX. Come in and see how our highly-trained specialists will maintain and repair every element of your Jaguar, including its innovative air suspension system. Call us today to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

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