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BMW 3 Series Ball Joint

Fix BMW 3 Series Ball Joint Damage at the Best Garage in Plano

by europewpadmin June 4, 2019

BMWs are known for being a fast and reliable luxury vehicle. They offer sports performance while giving you the best driving experience imaginable. To keep your BMW in the best working order, it is imperative that you stay current with the service schedule and maintenance requirements.

The smooth ride that your BMW provides is thanks to its suspension technology. This technology allows you to ride over rough roads and terrain while keeping you comfortable. The suspension sees a lot of wear, and it is important that regular maintenance is performed to keep the suspension working properly. An essential part of the suspension is the ball joint. This part is often overlooked but can get damaged and needs to be replaced.

What is a ball joint?

The ball joint is the pivot point that connects your suspension system to the wheels. It is a vital component that helps you navigate the roads. If the ball joint fails, it can be catastrophic. The tires will be free to move in any direction, and you will be unable to control the direction of your car. The tires will usually turn outward, leading to body damage.

Common Signs of a Defective Ball Joint

Ball joints are vital to your vehicle’s suspension. When they begin to fail, your handling and ride will be compromised. If you notice any of the following symptoms, schedule an appointment today to have one of our trusted technicians properly diagnose the issue and discuss with you the actions that need to be taken to fix the problem.

Clunking Noises:  The most common sign of a failing ball joint is clunking noises that come from the front suspension. As they wear, they become loose and can make knocking noises. These clunking noises can usually be heard when driving on rough roads or when making a turn.

Excessive Vibration:  Another common symptom is vibration. This vibration is also caused by the ball joints being loose in their sockets. The vibration will usually come from one side of the vehicle and can sometimes be felt in the steering wheel.

Uneven Tire Wear:  Tires should wear evenly on the inner and outer edges. If you notice that one edge is wearing faster than the other, this can be a sign of a worn out ball joint.

Loose Steering Wheel:  If your steering wheel seems to be wandering from the left to right on its own, you could have a worn out ball joint. If your BMW is properly aligned, it should generally stay straight on its own. If the steering wanders, you will need to continue to compensate to keep the vehicle going straight.

What Causes Your Ball Joints to Fail?

Ball joint failure isn’t common, but it does occur. Ball joints can wear out and fail from years of use and abuse. If the ball joint fails, the wheel could fall off.

Daily Use: Everyday wear and tear is the primary cause of ball joint damage. Keeping the joints properly greased will help to extend their lifespan. Driving on bumpy roads and rough terrain can also add additional stress on the ball joint leading to premature failure.

Old Seals:  Old seals can dry out and crack or break. A defective seal will allow the oil to leak and debris and dirt to enter.

Environment:  Environmental factors also make your BMW more susceptible to damage. The oil that is located within the ball joints can dry up in hot weather. In rainy weather, the joints may break apart.

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