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Volvo Cruise Control

How Does Cruise Control Work in a Volvo Car?

by europewpadmin April 21, 2022

Since the inception of the first automobile in 1879, cars have continually evolved. Volvo has also continued to innovate and maintain its reputation as one of the most durable and reliable vehicles in the market. One of such innovations is adding the cruise control system in their cars.

Let’s face it, sitting for hours, steering, accelerating, and braking can be exhausting. This necessitated the invention of cruise control. The cruise control was invented in 1948 to help drivers maintain a consistent speed for a convenient driving experience on highways and long, straight roads. The aim was to reduce the driver’s fatigue when driving long distances.

When activated, the cruise control in your Volvo uses an actuator to control the throttle, allowing the car to continue moving at the same speed without the driver’s input. The system has evolved over the years with the introduction of the Adaptive Cruise Control and Pilot Assist, which manages the speed electronically and makes subtle steering adjustments to keep your vehicle centered in its lane.

How does the Volvo cruise control work?

The Volvo cruise control is usually located on the steering wheel. It helps maintain a consistent speed, allowing the driver to relax while driving on highways and long, straight roads with regular traffic flow.

To activate the cruise control, you will need to put it in standby mode by pressing either of the arrow keys on the left side of your steering wheel. Then scroll to select the cruise control function.

Activate the cruise control by pressing the cruise control button located in the center of the left side keypad of your steering wheel. The symbol will change from gray to white to show that the system is active.

Once active, you can set the desired speed using the plus or minus on the keypad. Pressing and holding the button will change the speed at one mph, or do a quick press to change the speed at five mph intervals. It should be noted that cruise control will only be available at speeds above 20 mph.

Deactivating the cruise control is straightforward. Pressing the cruise control button will toggle it off, or pressing the brake while the cruise control is active will deactivate the system.

Adaptive Cruise Control and Pilot Assist

Cruise control has evolved over the years with the addition of Adaptive Cruise Control and Pilot Assist. The adaptive cruise control uses a radar sensor or camera to measure the distance between you and the vehicle ahead and adjust your speed accordingly. The Pilot Assist is even a step ahead. In addition to maintaining a consistent speed, and a preselected time interval to the vehicle ahead, it reads the lines of your lane and provides steering assistance to help keep your Volvo in its lane. The Pilot Assist uses the same distance measuring as adaptive cruise control to provide active steering assist.

Difference Between Cruise Control, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Pilot Assist

Adaptive Cruise Control is an improvement from cruise control and relatively new technology. While the traditional cruise control maintains just your speed, Adaptive Cruise Control is an enhanced system that tracks the vehicle’s speed ahead and regulates your speed accordingly.

Pilot Assist collaborates with the Adaptive Cruise Control to maintain a consistent speed and provide active steering assistance in keeping your Volvo in its lane.

Repair for Your Volvo’s Faulty Cruise Control at European Auto Tech

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