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Jaguar ABS Warning Light

How to Deal with a Failed ABS Accumulator in Your Jaguar

by europewpadmin July 23, 2019

The allure of a sleek Jaguar cruising down the road is an experience that many drivers and car enthusiasts pine for time and again. The manufacturers of Jaguar have made it their business to incorporate new technological advancements in the automobile industry in their rides. As a result, Jaguar drivers have some of the most impressive driving experiences on the road.

Even though these drivers enjoy cruising in their luxury automobile, certain problems are likely to develop which can compromise their pleasant driving experience. The ABS accumulator is known to be particularly notorious for problems in Jaguar models.

What it is the ABS accumulator?

In a nutshell, an ABS accumulator is a storage device in which hydraulic pressure accumulates, albeit momentarily, for the purpose of application into the reapply-release cycle. This allows the braking system to run smoothly. The pressure found in the ABS accumulator is typically generated by an electric pump within the braking system, using nitrogen gas. This gas is separated from the hydraulic fluid by a rubber diaphragm that gets pushed down whenever there is a lot of pressure stored in the accumulator.

The main function of the ABS accumulator is to enable the braking system to have access to enough pressure supply without necessarily having to engage the pump, as the pressure demand may sometimes be much higher than what the pump can immediately generate. This makes it possible for the vehicle to access immediate temporary relief when the pressure demand is too high. It also minimizes the amount of pulsations that may be felt within the system. This accumulator can come in handy in situations such as emergency braking, where a little more pressure may be required to bring the vehicle to an immediate stop.

Causes of ABS Accumulator Failure

The most common cause of the ABS accumulator failure in Jaguar models is a faulty diaphragm. Considering the important role that the diaphragm plays, any faults that it may develop will definitely affect the ABS accumulator. Regular wear causes the degeneration of the rubber material, making it impossible to contain the pressure in the accumulator. Also, hard braking can cause a number of issues, including poor lubrication. When the rubber diaphragm develops a fault, it becomes impossible for pressure to be stored. In worse scenarios, hydraulic fluid may find its way into the ABS accumulator. This will also prevent pressure from being saved up in the accumulator.

Another common reason for ABS accumulator failure is low pressure on the nitrogen side. This nitrogen is usually compressed within the accumulator, and in turn, used to maintain the pressure in the hydraulic fluid. The accumulator uses nitrogen gas that is separated from this hydraulic fluid by the rubber diaphragm to create the pressure that it then stores.

Indications of ABS Accumulator Failure

The effects of a failing ABS accumulator in your Jaguar will be impossible to miss. The braking system is one of the most integral parts of your vehicle. Without it, your car becomes a safety hazard and should not be on the road. Unresponsive brakes are usually the immediate sign of ABS accumulator failure.

When the brake pedal is applied, there is usually some resistance as the pressure is slowly released, depending on demand. In instances where the ABS accumulator is faulty, however, the pressure is freely released without any resistance. This can create panic for the driver, especially if it happens without warning. The vehicle may end up skidding, which can be extremely dangerous.

How to Deal with a Failed ABS Accumulator

The only way to deal with a failed ABS accumulator in your Jaguar is to seek the services of a certified professional mechanic for proper Jaguar ABS Fix diagnosis and repair. This is because the replacement process of the ABS accumulator is a labor-intensive activity that should be done with laser focus. Moreover, a professional mechanic that is well versed with the Jaguar brand will ensure accurate repairs done correctly the first time.

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