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Main Reasons for a Camshaft Position Sensor Failure in Your Volvo in Plano

by europewpadmin May 23, 2021

The camshaft position sensor works with the crankshaft sensor to know the position of the crankshaft drive. These two sensors work together to inform the engine control unit when the first cylinder is at the top point. The information gathered allows the car to know what cylinder to fire next.

If this sensor goes bad, the signal it transmits will weaken. Eventually, it will switch off entirely, and your engine will not be able to run. The engine will simply turn off. If this happens while you are driving your Volvo, this will put you in a dangerous position.

Reasons for Camshaft Position Sensor Failure

There are multiple reasons why a camshaft sensor can go bad. This is a part that operates whenever your engine is running, including when your engine is on but in park. Because of the amount of use it gets, it can fail due to simple wear and tear on the vehicle and the camshaft sensor itself. It can also fail due to oil build-up, moisture, or water damage.

Your camshaft position sensor can also malfunction due to different problems with another part of the engine. When there is one issue, and it is not taken care of promptly, it can cause parts to break or malfunction as well.

Finally, this component can break due to damage from a car accident. Even if your Volvo appears to have no damage following a minor collision, the sensor wires could have been negatively impacted during the collision, and your camshaft position sensor could break or malfunction due to this event.

Signs of Your Volvo’s Camshaft Position Sensor Malfunctioning or Failing

  • Your engine may stall: Since the engine relies on the signals from the camshaft sensor, it may stall when the signal becomes weak or disappears altogether.
  • Your car may jerk: One obvious sign that something is just not right with your Volvo is that driving your car may start to jerk. This is happening because the camshaft sensor is not transmitting the correct information to the engine’s computer. So the right amount of fuel is not being injected to maintain the proper combustion.
  • You might have ignition problems: You may also have problems with your ignition. The car’s computer will not receive the correct information, and it will not know that the engine is supposed to be running.
  • You could have difficulty accelerating: Acceleration will also prove to be trickier at times. You will begin to accelerate, but your car will not have the proper amount of combustion. As a result, you will not be able to keep up with traffic. If you are on a highway or in a merge lane, this could be dangerous and cause an accident.
  • Changing gears may become more challenging: You may also have issues in changing gears, as this issue might extend to causing problems within your transmission.
  • Your gas mileage may suffer: Since the camshaft sensor assists in proper fuel distribution, you may also notice that you have to fill your gas tank more often. When the sensor is breaking, you lose the fuel efficiency you once had.
  • Your check engine light might come on: Finally, your check engine light may come on. The issue with your check engine light is that there are hundreds of different codes associated with it. The only way to know the problem is to make an appointment with your trusted mechanic.

Driving Without a Camshaft Position Sensor

Although it is possible to drive your car when your camshaft sensor is beginning to fail, it is highly inadvisable. It can be very dangerous, especially if your engine turns off while you are driving.

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