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Mercedes Gear Selector Issue

Reasons Behind Gear Selector Issues in a Mercedes From Experienced Technicians in Plano

by europewpadmin June 22, 2020

The vehicles that Mercedes produce are reliable, stylish, and offer high performance, but even the greatest efforts made towards perfection will always have exceptions. Overcoming parts failure is simply a facet of owning any car. In this article, we’ll look at why your Mercedes might develop gear selector issues during its lifespan.

The Purpose of the Gear Selector

The gear selector is an element of your transmission system. The transmission system is what controls how your car moves. The gear selector is what the driver uses to select gears. Most modern Mercedes models use an automated gear selector instead of the traditional manual gear stick. This allows Mercedes drivers to focus more on the road and promote enjoyment of the ride than thinking constantly about the best gear for each part of their journey.

Troubles with the gear selector are hard to ignore, as failures in the system compromise the smooth performance of your car. It makes driving difficult and sometimes dangerous. Let’s look at what can cause this to happen.

Reasons why the Gear Selector can Fail

There are 2 common reasons why your gear selector can fail in your Mercedes. Let’s take a closer look at these.

Valve Body Malfunction

The valve body is another part of the transmission system. It is what allows the transmission fluid to flow at the correct pressure to allow smooth gear changes. When the valve body is on the fritz, the hydraulic pressure will be thrown out of line. This will cause trouble shifting gears, leading to a gear selector that appears to be failing.

Wear and Tear

The other cause of failure is far more simple: wear and tear. The transmission system is a collection of multiple different parts and subsystems, and each time you drive, they take quite a beating. The transmission system is exposed to high pressures and high heats, which exacerbate part wear. The first parts to become worn out are usually the cables and linkages that run throughout the transmission system, as it is much easier for smaller pieces to become worn down than larger, hardier pieces. When your transmission starts to break down in this way, gear changes become much more awkward.

Signs of Gear Selector Problems

It is almost impossible to drive a vehicle with a failed gear selector and not notice it, because it radically changes the way in which your Mercedes operates. Some clear signs of gear selector failure include:

Gear Slippage

Slipping gears is never ideal, as it puts a strain upon your car. If you notice this happening often, then either the transmission pressure is out of whack or an element of the transmission has become faulty.

Trouble Changing Gears

When driving your Mercedes, gear changes should be so smooth that they almost go unnoticed. When the gear selector isn’t working properly, changing gear will feel rough and jarring. There may be a moment of hesitation where it seems like your car is fighting against the change. This may also impact your Mercedes when in neutral or when reversing, which could land you in all manner of dangerous predicaments.

Strange Noises

Unexpected or unexplained noises are never a good sign and almost always indicate a problem that needs to be addressed. In regards to gear selector problems, noises are heard when the transmission system is coming close to its breaking point. Screeching, clicking, or clunking noises indicate that the transmission is being worn away by friction. These noises will be most noticeable when your Mercedes changes gears.

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In a worst-case scenario, ignoring gear selector problems will result in your Mercedes needing a whole new transmission system. This is a Mercedes Automatic Transmission Check very expensive and time consuming job, and you should try to avoid things getting this far. Instead, act promptly at the first sign of a problem. That way, the issue is likely to be minor and may be a quick fix.

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