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Signs of Air-Oil Separator Failure in Your Porsche

by europewpadmin April 19, 2020

We know your Porsche is a high performance vehicle that will get you anywhere in comfort, style, and in efficient timing. Your Porsche is an important tool that deserves quality care and maintenance to keep it running for years to come. So we know how annoying it can be when something starts to impede that performance that the Porsche brand is so proud of.

The air-oil separator in your Porsche vehicle is what keeps the air and oil needed to run its engine from mixing into other parts. If the part begins to malfunction, it can begin to affect your exhaust system, and your car can expel dangerous emissions. Let’s take a look at what to do in order to keep your car running at its highest efficiency.

Common Signs of Air-Oil Separator Failure

The air-oil separator is not only important to keep your car from releasing toxic emissions, but it reduces toxins so that the engine can function effectively. If the air-oil separator has begun to fail or failed already, you’ll notice one or all of the signs below:


Any noise that is a disruption from the normal sounds your car makes is a reason for alarm. Squealing will begin to happen if the air-oil separator has failed or is in the process of failing, as air is attempting to make its way through the crankcase seal. This is one of the more common indicators of an issue with the air-oil separator.

Oil Leaks and Dark Exhaust or White Smoke

Because the oil is not being removed properly, you may notice oil leaks as a symptom of disrupted separation. This will also affect the air quality and filtration and will result in either dark emissions from the exhaust pipe or white smoke. This is the most common set of signs to notify you of air-oil separator failure, and should not be ignored.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light is our gateway into knowing there is something malfunctioning inside of our cars. Because we cannot see inside while we are driving, the sensor goes off when your car notices a problem so that we know when to take it in for service.

Consequences of Air-Oil Separator Failure

If your air-oil separator has malfunctioned, it will result in poor emissions from the vehicle. This is one of the things that is looked at in state emissions testing in order to pass a vehicle inspection. If your car is releasing too many poor emissions, you will not pass your inspection and will not be able to register your vehicle with the state.

Without the air and oil being separated properly, the engine function can suffer due to the effect on the combustion and the exhaust. Those are two key components in regulating engine function, and if they are affected, your engine components will become damaged.

Last, if the components of your engine become damaged, over time, it will lead to engine failure. Too much poor combustion and bad exhaust will damage your engine to the point you may need to get it replaced.

It is important to keep up with routine maintenance to ensure all components of your car are functioning properly. Without routine care, your Porsche will lose performance quality and will wear out faster than it should.

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