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Suspension Strut Failure in Your Land Rover: Signs & Solutions

by europewpadmin June 8, 2021

Land Rovers are known for their cherished ability to quite literally take you anywhere on the road and off-road. These powerful vehicles are the perfect car for any adventurer, but as with all adventuring, it eventually takes a toll on your vehicle. After normal wear and tear, your Land Rover may begin to experience some difficulties while driving. This usually indicates that it’s time to pay your local European Auto Tech a visit to properly maintain your car.

Suspension strut failure is extremely dangerous for any driver. This issue can increase the time it takes for your car to come to a full stop, which is particularly dangerous on rugged and slippery terrains. You should experience a clean and smooth, jolt-free ride in your Land Rover due to its hefty suspension strut technology, but if you are feeling more bumps than usual, you could be facing suspension strut failure.

Signs of Suspension Strut Failure

It may be difficult to notice the changes in your car since they are slow and gradual, but as you add mileage to your car you should check to see if there are any clear issues. There are variable signs of suspension strut failure, so go through the following list below and see if any apply to your Land Rover:

  • Bouncing tires: If you hit a speed bump and can feel your tires bumping or clunking for a while afterward, that is a sign that your suspension struts are not working as they should.
  • Unstable highway speeds: You may notice some uneven speeds when driving on the highway. If your Land Rover is struggling to maintain a constant speed, please bring your vehicle into European Auto Tech for a check up.
  • Car jumps when braking: When you are braking, you may feel that the front end of your car is diving into the road. This issue is most noticeable when you are braking from a quick speed.
  • Car dips when accelerating: The rear end of your Land Rover may be dipping or squatting while the front end is almost raising upwards during acceleration.
  • Liquids leaking: Check your struts and shocks for any leakage that could indicate that the necessary liquids are not where they should be. The cause of this could be a broken seal.
  • Land Rover tipping while turning: If you are making a sharp turn, you may feel your car tilt unnaturally to the side as you drive. This is extremely dangerous and indicates that your Land Rover needs to be inspected. You can also check the tires for uneven or wavy wear patterns. The normal wear pattern tends to be even with the tire.

Solutions to Suspension Strut Failure

Struts are used to stabilize how your vehicle moves and give the driver more control when turning and accelerating. Struts are especially important when tackling uneven terrain, as most Land Rovers are built to encounter. The typical strut can last between 20,000 & 60,000 miles before needing replacements, but that leaves a lot of mileage up for guesswork.

At European Auto Tech, we recommend coming into the shop sooner than later, especially if your car is over the suggested mileage and if you are experiencing some of the previously-mentioned issues.

Our trained technicians will need to raise your Land Rover, remove the wheels, shock absorbers, and strut assembly before replacing the worn-down part. Land Rover Suspension Strut Failure Fix This process requires our technicians to keep the area clean and dry while lubricating the area. Marks are made to assure that the alignment is correct, and multiple technicians assist each other to make sure the replacement goes without a hitch.

European Auto Tech specializes in luxury vehicles and has years of experience servicing Plano, TX, and surrounding areas. We will carefully assess the issue with your car and if it is a suspension strut failure, we will take the necessary steps to replace the part.

Bring your Land Rover into us, as we proudly serve Allen, Dallas, Flower Mound, Frisco, Highland Park, McKinney, Park Cities, Richardson, Southlake, University Park, and Plano, TX. Visit us for a quick estimate and a guarantee that your car will be fixed by our top of the line products & technicians. Call us today.

* Red Land Rover Car image credit goes to: YuriyVlasenko.

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