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The Best Ways to Detect a Transfer Case Failure in Your Volvo

by europewpadmin November 23, 2020

The best brands demand the best treatment. To get the longest lifespan and highest performance, European cars require superior services. If you suspect something may be wrong with your Volvo, it’s best to leave it up to the professionals to inspect and diagnose. At European Auto Tech we will determine what is wrong with your vehicle and be transparent with our recommendations for repairs.

Volvo drivers are rewarded with durability and reliability, while having superior power and comfort. Let’s take a look at transfer case failures and what that means for your Volvo if it happens to you.

The Function of the Transfer Case

Depending on your vehicle, energy may need to be transferred throughout the vehicle. If your Volvo has all-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive, energy from the transmission gets sent to both axles of the vehicle rather than just the front end. The transfer case is responsible for this process. It also maintains a balanced function of all four wheels on the vehicle. If there is a problem with the transfer case and an imbalance occurs, it may be detrimental to the performance of your Volvo.

Loud Grinding Noise Coming From Volvo’s Engine

If you experience any concerning sounds coming from your vehicle, especially your vehicle’s engine, it is imperative to have it seen by a specialist right away. If you notice a grinding noise while shifting gears, it is likely you are experiencing transfer case failure. However, engines are complex systems that keep our vehicles performing reliably, and noises can indicate a variety of things.

If your car is making noises that are out of its norm, a Volvo specialist can perform a differential diagnosis to ensure the transfer case failure is the issue that needs to be addressed.

Liquid Leaking From Volvo Engine

Transmission fluid helps lubricate the engine’s components and gears, preventing them from grinding together. Similarly, transfer case fluid ensures additional internal parts are functioning properly. If you notice fluid under your car or leaking from beneath your engine, it is best to have it inspected immediately. If fluids are leaking, it is often indicative of additional issues. If these are caught early, it can prevent further damage, saving both time and expense.

Common Reasons for Transfer Case Failure

As with all vehicles, Volvos are also susceptible to regular wear and tear on your vehicle. Sometimes, however, increased mileage may contribute to a faster failing transfer case. Proper maintenance and inspection will catch any deteriorating parts and ensure proper replacement to prevent the system from failing as a result of worn parts.

The output shaft seal is crucial to the transfer system, as it prevents the hydraulic fluid from leaking. Leaking fluid will cause tremendous issues with gear shifting and switching in and out of all wheel drive.

European Auto Tech Will Repair your Transfer Case

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms with your car, give us a call today to set up an appointment. While Volvo Transfer Case Failure Fix you’re here, we will also inspect your vehicle and top off your fluids. At European Auto Tech, we strive to provide you with the best quality of care, at the best price we can offer.

If you are not having any vehicle issues and just want a quick check up, we offer diagnostic inspections. Should we find anything that needs maintenance, we are equipped to help with the latest available tools and equipment. Our mechanics are ready to service and repair all of your automotive needs, such as tire rotations, suspension services, scheduled service and maintenance, brake services, body repairs, alignments, transmissions, batteries, and upgrades. We are ready to help out with your needs.

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Please call or stop by our shop today to schedule an appointment for preventative maintenance or service. Don’t wait until you’re too far out of reach and in need of repairs. Give your best ride the best treatment. We look forward to earning your business and treating you to our expert technicians and friendly staff while we service your car.

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