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The Most Common Reasons for Issues with the Ride Optimization System of Your Land Rover From Expert Mechanics in Plano

by europewpadmin January 26, 2021

Land Rovers are all-terrain vehicles designed to go off roads. In order to keep your ride comfortable, smooth, and sturdy, Land Rovers have a unique ride optimization system that enhances and supports its suspension. Occasionally, the Ride Optimization System (ROS) in your Land Rover may start to develop some issues, which you will probably notice as the driving experience becomes significantly less comfortable.

This article is going to point out some of the most common issues behind ride optimization system problems and discuss how the ROS works.

The Design of the Ride Optimization System

The ROS, like many of the systems in newer vehicles, is smart. It learns things about your driving style and normal driving conditions as you put more miles on the odometer. When it notices that you are driving in a particularly bumpy or off-terrain environment, the ROS will adjust various systems throughout the vehicle to make the drive more comfortable.

However, when the system fails, it no longer makes those adjustments to the car’s different systems, and you’ll notice a much bumpier ride. Let’s look at some top reasons that the ROS can have problems.

Common Reasons the ROS Will Fail

The ROS is connected to the suspension in your Land Rover so that it can make the several different adjustments it needs. It is also connected to the car’s computer, the engine control module.

The problems that arise from the ride optimization system are usually connected to issues with the Land Rover’s computer or the suspension system, as well as other electrical issues in the car. These problems can be particularly hard to spot if you are not trained or particularly gifted mechanically. A trusted automobile technician will likely be able to help you.

Common Symptoms of a Failed ROS

Because the ROS is connected to the suspension system, the most evident symptoms of a failed ROS are issues with the suspension. Below are some of the most common symptoms.

  • Air Compressor Failure: Land Rovers use an air suspension system. These types of systems use compressed air to disperse throughout. So when the air compressor stops working, the suspension doesn’t work properly and the ride will be bumpier.
  • Air Leaks: Another sign of a failed ROS that affects the suspension system is an air leak within the suspension. The suspension will still not be able to do its job as intended. So, while these are all problems with the suspension system, you may not notice them directly. What you will see, which happen as a result of the above problems, are a vehicle that either rides bumpy or sags to one side.
  • Rides Bumpy: Nobody wants a bumpy car ride. This can be due to issues with the suspension. Often, the ride optimization system that supports the suspension system is to blame.
  • Sags to One Side: When air is leaking from the suspension, it may lean to one side or the other, depending on the leak. It is an easy-to-spot symptom of a failing ROS.

Regular Maintenance

The best way to prevent any problems with the ride optimization system is to keep up with regular maintenance. Electrical problems and issues with the various systems in your car can usually be spotted by a mechanic during a regular tune up before it becomes too serious.

European Auto Tech Has the Best Mechanics in Plano

While your Land Rover is built to last, there are still a wide range of issues that may come up at any time. If you suspect that there are problems with the ROS Land Rover Ride Optimization System Repair in your vehicle, our trusted mechanics will be able to find out the root problem. European Auto Tech has the best technicians, and we specialize in European cars, so you know your Land Rover will be in the best hands.

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