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Jaguar Engine Oil Leak

Things to Know about Jaguar Engine Oil Leaks in Plano

by europewpadmin May 1, 2019

When you see a Jaguar on the street, the first thing you think about is its undeniable beauty. The Jaguar brand, for many, has been a status symbol for many years. While many love the sleek design and boss-like appeal of these luxury vehicles, others go for the power aspect that Jaguar’s are most commonly known for. Just hearing the purr of its engine is a memorable sound that draws a crowd.

While the Jaguar is known for being a car build on class and style, it does have its fair share of manufacturing issues, just like any other car. One of the primary issues has to do with engine oil leaks. If you hop on any forum dedicated to Jaguar-talk, you’ll read multiple accounts of Jaguar owners complaining about how frequent these issues occur and how frustrating it is for car owners. Since individuals pay so much for these premium cars, their frustration is understandable.

While the Jaguar has its fair share of issues, there are several benefits to keeping up with its maintenance, one being extending the lifespan of your investment. If you’re a Jaguar owner and you’re experiencing these issues, check out these various facts regarding engine oil leaks and how to handle them. This will help you avoid catastrophic disaster.

What are the primary signs of an engine oil leak?

One of the first signs of an engine oil leak is oil accumulating at the bottom of your car. If you notice a dark puddle being left behind after your car has been idle or parked for some time, it’s safe to conclude you have a leak on your hands. This issue causes physical damage to any surface it comes in contact with. Not to mention, if an engine leak goes undetected for some time, it could cause irreversible damage to your engine. That’s definitely not an expense you want to pay for.

Another sign is heavy smoke coming from the back of your car. You may notice this occurs when your car is accelerating or in an idle position. Although it’s perfectly normal for your car to experience some sort of smoke action, it shouldn’t be discolored or extremely heavy. Often times, this is one of the key signs of a possible engine leak that should never be ignored. This means the leak has gotten so severe that it is impacting how your car is transforming fuel. This is especially harmful to the environment, as it releases toxic emissions into the atmosphere.

What is the main cause of an oil leak?

One of the primary reasons drivers experience oil leaks is due to not taking proper care of their vehicle. Jaguars, like most luxury vehicles, require premium and consistent care. This means purchasing top-quality products, like oil. When you put cheap oil into your car, it quickly develops debris over time. This debris can get caught in many aspects of your vehicle, thus causing oil leaks. In addition, not having your oil changed on a consistent basis leads to interior damage and unforeseen leaks.

How to Avoid Engine Leaks

One of the easiest ways to avoid engine leaks is to keep your car well maintained. This means never missing your service appointments. Although it may seem impractical to take your Jaguar into the shop often, it is actually a preventive action.

For example, if you take your Jaguar in for servicing every three months, a trained mechanic will be able to spot any problem early. By catching the damage before it spreads, you’re saving yourself thousands of dollars in possible repairs. In addition, issues concerning your engine require immediate attention. You would hate for this vital piece to become so damaged that it inhibits your car from performing properly. Take this service seriously.

Jaguar Engine Oil Change

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