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Volkswagen Defective Timing Chain

Tips to Fix a Defective Timing Chain in Your Volkswagen

by europewpadmin September 11, 2019

The timing chain in your Volkswagen plays a very important role in your vehicle’s engine. Recently, a lot of negative buzz has been circulating around VW over the recent issue of defective timing chains in newer models. A class action settlement has been created to offer reimbursement for drivers who have been experiencing problems with their timing chains. In this article, we will discuss the purpose of the timing chain, the signs that it’s defective, and solutions to fixing it.

Timing Chain 101

The timing chain is located in your Volkswagen’s engine. It is singularly responsible for linking the crankshaft to the camshaft. By doing this, a properly functioning timing chain ensures that the engine is both running smoothly and in tandem with your car’s transmission. Without the timing chain correctly connecting these important parts together, your VW won’t be able to control the pieces of the engine that are responsible for ignition (the valves, pistons, and rods), and you as the driver won’t be able to control your vehicle’s wheels.

If the timing chain in your Volkswagen isn’t defective, it shouldn’t need to be replaced for 120,000 miles or so.

How to Tell that the Timing Chain is Defective

Because the timing chain plays such a vital role in your vehicle’s functionality, performance, and endurance, it is imperative that you keep an eye out for any signs that might mean your timing chain is defective and needs to be replaced. Since there aren’t very many of these signs, it’s important to be extra vigilant in paying attention to your Volkswagen.

Strange noises

When do unusual noises coming from your car ever mean a good thing? If something is wrong with your timing chain, then most likely, there will be noises coming directly from the engine, where the timing chain is housed. If your engine makes a rattling noise, this is probably a sign that your timing chain is loose and not able to function properly.

Check engine light

Although it isn’t always the case, sometimes the check engine light will come on when there is a timing chain issue. If the check engine light does come on and you also hear a strange rattling noise coming from your engine, this is definitely cause for concern.

Engine issues

When the timing chain is defective in your Volkswagen, you might experience a lot of different issues with the engine itself. If the engine won’t start, misfires, or fails, then this could be due to a timing chain issue. It could also be indicative of some other unrelated issue with the engine.

Dirty oil

Yet another sign that something is wrong with your timing chain is the presence of pieces of shaved metal in your car’s oil. This occurs when certain parts in your engine experience increased friction, rubbing together and causing metal shavings to slough off if the timing chain is malfunctioning.

What to Do when the Timing Chain is Defective

Of course, if the timing chain is in excellent condition when you first purchase your VW, there are certain steps you can take to help maintain the timing chain and keep it from failing. These steps include keeping an eye out for any issues and fixing them before they get worse, having your vehicle routinely inspected, and changing your car’s oil regularly.

However, as has been the case with thousands of recently-manufactured and sold Volkswagen models, the timing chain in your VW could already be prone to failure. Since the timing chain is so valuable to the safety of you and your passengers, it is important to diagnose and repair a defective timing chain before it causes irreversible damage to your vehicle’s engine.

We Will Help

At European Auto Tech, our technicians are Volkswagen Timing Chain Issue Fixtrained to take care of all your Volkswagen needs. If you notice any of the warning signs that might indicate a faulty timing chain, or you just want some peace of mind, do not hesitate to come by and allow us to inspect your VW and make the necessary repairs to your vehicle.

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