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Top 5 Safety Features That You Can Find In A Volkswagen Polo

by europewpadmin April 4, 2022

As a driver, you want to ensure that you, your passengers, and others on the road are going to be safe. The Volkswagen Polo is one of the best small vehicles made by Volkswagen with its spacious and comfortable design, as well as its high quality safety features. It is not distributed by Volkswagen in the US, but if you’ve imported one, you’ll need mechanics who understand your model and it’s safety features.

The top five safety features most commonly found in a Volkswagen Polo include the blind spot monitor, rear traffic alert, driver alert system, automatic post-collision braking system, and park assist. To learn more about these safety features, read below.

Blind Spot Monitor

The Blind Spot Monitor is a system that automatically activates when your vehicle is moving at a speed of 30 km/hr and can detect movement up to 20 meters around the vehicle. Its main function is to prevent any hazardous lane changes and helps to prevent serious accidents. There is an LED symbol on the vehicle’s side mirrors that light up when the system monitors sense a car is approaching from the rear or is sitting to the side of your vehicle. If you turn on your vehicle’s turn signal to indicate you are going to turn or change lanes, the LED light will flash as a warning to notify you of the hazard.

Rear Traffic Alert

The Rear Traffic Alert functions to eliminate most of the risk of reversing from driveways and parking spaces, especially when they are at right angles to the road you are pulling out onto. The system’s radar-based sensors can sense stationary and moving vehicles that may be directly behind the vehicle, as well as vehicles that may be approaching the vehicle on either side from a distance of up to 40 meters away, and may otherwise go unseen by the driver. If the system anticipates a collision, it will produce an acoustic warning to warn the driver and oncoming vehicle to move, and if no action is taken manually, the Rear Traffic Alert will intervene with automatic brakes.

Driver Alert System

The Driver Alert System is most useful for drivers that drive late at night or often get tired while driving. The system is capable of detecting when the driver’s concentration is decreasing and emits an acoustic warning for a period of five seconds in an attempt to gain the driver’s attention. The sound is accompanied by visual text in the instrument cluster that recommends the driver pulls over and takes a break.  If the driver does not take a break within 15 minutes, the acoustic and visual warning will be repeated.

Automatic Post-Collision Braking System

The Automatic Post-Collision Braking System initiates a braking action after an initial collision before the driver can react and manually apply the brakes. This system is intended to help avoid multiple collisions by trying to prevent or reduce the severity of a secondary collision.

Park Assist

Parking in parallel or perpendicular parking spaces can be difficult. The Park Assist system automatically guides your vehicle into these parking spaces, as well as can reverse out of them, without colliding with any surrounding vehicles. The Park Assist is manually activated by pressing a button on the central console and using the vehicle’s turn signal to indicate which side the car is to be parked on. If the system senses that the parking space is large enough, then the driver can engage the reverse and provide the acceleration and brakes as needed while the car takes care of steering into the parking space.

European Auto Tech Keeps Your Vehicle in Top Condition

As the owner of a Volkswagen Polo, you care greatly about safety while driving. To maintain a safe vehicle, Volkswagen Polo Blind Spot Monitoring System it is essential that you have your vehicle serviced regularly and that you bring it in for an inspection and repairs when you notice that your vehicle is experiencing any type of issue.

At European Auto Tech, our expert mechanics and staff have worked hard to establish a reputation of honest, high-quality service. We offer a full range of services and repairs for several different European automotive brands, including Volkswagen. With all of the newest innovative technology, tools, and equipment, European Auto Tech can offer accurate top-of-the-line services that are guaranteed under our 90-days/4,000 miles parts and labor warranty.

European Auto Tech is located in Plano, TX and services vehicles in Plano, Allen, Dallas, Flower Mound, Frisco, Highland Park, McKinney, Park Cities, Richardson, Southlake, and University Park, TX.

If you are a Volkswagen owner and need to bring your vehicle in for its regular service, or you are in need of repairs and maintenance, contact European Auto Tech today, and our staff will help you keep your vehicle in the best condition.

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