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Warning Signs of a Tie Rod Failure in Your Volvo

by europewpadmin November 5, 2022

In your Volvo, tie rods handle the precise movements that come with steering your vehicle over terrain. These rods provide the connection from the primary steering system, namely the steering column, to the wheels. Much like the bulk of the steering system, they need to stay in precise alignment with your Volvo’s front wheels. The alignment of the tie rods and your wheels must also remain precise. Your wheels and tie rods work together to tackle the various twists and turns on which your journey takes you.

If your wheel alignment is too far inward or outward, your speed will decrease due to the increased friction on the wheels. This will damage your wheels and your tires. Premature tire wear is another issue resulting from misalignment. Vibrations from travel are also a destructive force to your tie rods and the alignment, and one you’ll have a hard time controlling. Avoiding excessively bumpy terrain, potholes, or solid objects in your path will help prolong the lifespan of your tie rods, but eventually, they will naturally break down due to use.

Signs of a Failing Tie Rod

Let’s look at bit closer at some of the potential signs of tie rod failure in your Volvo:

  • misalignment of the front end
  • uneven tire wear
  • excessive noises
  • shaking steering wheel

Misalignment can happen for any reason, such as hitting a pothole or getting into a fender bender. It’s vital to get the problem addressed when these things occur. Over time, parts will become loose or damaged, and the alignment will start to shift. However, misalignment can make the car drift right or left, even when it’s steering straight. You can imagine how detrimental this can be to your tires. This leads to the next sign of tie rod failure.

Uneven tire wear may not present itself immediately, especially if you’re looking at them on your own. A shop will diagnose this sign. Ideally, wear should be similar among all your Volvo tires; this is why shops rotate tires as they wear over time. Uneven wear will cause issues with driving and put extra strain on those tires to the point that they can go flat. That’s not the only thing you’ll notice when driving on uneven tires. You might also feel a lot more vibration.

A shaking steering wheel is also a potential sign of a failing tie rod. The tie rod forms a rigid connection between the steering column and the wheels. This connection weakens over time, and once it does, it becomes loose and shakes. These extra movements create excess vibrations that can start around speeds of 50-60 miles an hour. So it should be no surprise that you can feel the shaking at any rate. The more vibrations that occur, the faster the wear on the tie rods can be.

When a tie rod fails, it’s relatively easy to feel the problem as it evolves and worsens. During this time, you may also hear unusual sounds. Your tie rods, like many steering system parts, have lubricant located in rubber joints. Sometimes these joints have grease points to help prolong their life. Unfortunately, the rubber cracks, dries out, and erodes with time. Roads have gravel, grit, and other debris that may wear your tie rods even faster. When the tie rods lose that valuable lubrication, there’s only metal on metal contact left, and that creates intense squealing and squeaking sounds. When you hear this, it’s past time to take your Volvo to a mechanic.

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