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Audi Spark Plugs

When to Replace Your Audi’s Spark Plugs

by europewpadmin August 11, 2021

Audi’s are synonymous with outstanding performances that are attributed to the workmanship that goes into their engines. But for these engines to consistently provide excellent performance, all engine parts need to be in good shape and functioning as designed. When a spark plug develops issues, your driving experience is significantly affected.

In order to know when exactly you should replace your Audi’s spark plugs, let’s see how they work and what signs you’ll need to look out for to know when it’s time for a replacement.

For your Audi to move, fuel and air in a certain ratio have to ignite and burn to release heat energy. This ignition is the responsibility of the spark plugs. They are located at the top of each cylinder head in the engine. Most average cars on the road have 4 cylinders. Your Audi may have 6 cylinders. (A HEMI engine has 2 spark plugs per cylinder to boost its power.) Check your Audi owner’s manual to see details.

In each cylinder, a piston travels to the bottom of the cylinder to bring in an air-fuel mixture in the perfect ratio up to the spark plug. In this process the air-fuel mixture is compressed such that when the piston fills up completely, it triggers the spark plug to ignite and burn the mixture.

Once this happens, the piston goes back down to power the car before coming up to remove the exhaust. This is a continuous process that happens simultaneously as long as your engine is running.

The spark plugs in your Audi often need replacement after reaching a number of miles, in most cases, at least 30,000. This doesn’t mean that they won’t wear out before then due to how far and how hard you push your engine.

Spark plug issues are often a result of other problems in your engine. For instance, the spark plugs might wear out faster from an overheating engine. Excessive heat in the engine will cause the spark plugs to appear glossy or white. Oil leaks or contamination can also contribute to spark plug failure.

Hesitant Starts and Engine Misfires

The first thing that you’ll notice in your Audi when your spark plugs are faulty is that your car may have problems starting. This occurs when the air-fuel mixture has a problem igniting. When this happens more frequently while you’re driving, it will lead to your engine misfiring.

Misfiring will be more pronounced when you try to accelerate, since the engine needs to burn more fuel to speed up. This reduction in power can be a huge inconvenience and can also cause damage to your engine.

Rough Idling

You may also notice that your car will start experiencing excessive vibrations, especially when idling. Difficulty in igniting will cause the engine to put in extra effort to burn fuel in the combustion chamber. Because the process of ignition is continuous as you drive around in your Audi, the strain on the engine will also increase. This will result in the excessive vibrations in the engine. If left unchecked, the strain on the engine may cause damage to the other components, to the point of creating the need for expensive repairs.

Lowered Fuel Economy

Because of the strain that ignition struggles cause on the engine, you may notice that your Audi consumes more fuel to cover the same distances. This is contrary to the fuel efficiency that Audi’s are known for compared to their performance. Spark plug faults cause your car to burn more fuel in order to generate enough heat that is converted into energy to propel your car. This will leave you refuelling more often, creating a dent into your pocket. This can be avoided by getting your Audi checked out by a professional who knows your model.

European Auto Tech: Your Audi Professionals

If your Audi is showing any of these Audi Spark Plug Replacementsigns of spark plug failure, then it’s definitely time to get it checked out by the Audi specialists at European Auto Tech. Having our technicians monitor your spark plugs during your regular maintenance visits will help you to avoid any extensive and expensive damages to your engine.

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