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Where to Get Your BMW’s Damaged VANOS Repaired in Plano

by europewpadmin December 22, 2019

All manufacturers have innovations unique to their vehicle, but none shines through more than BMW’s VANOS system. First created in the early 90’s, the VANOS system is what put BMW on the map for a new generation of motorists. The VANOS system completely overhauled how driving felt, increasing smoothness but also adding to power. Today, BMW can still largely thank the VANOS system for making their vehicles so loved worldwide.

However, many BMW drivers don’t even know the VANOS system exists, let alone how to care for it or have it repaired. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at this revolutionary system and learn where to go to seek repairs when needed.

What is VANOS?

VANOS is an acronym for VAriable NOckenwellen Steuerung. This is BMW’s rendition of the VVT unit or variable valve timing unit. This system was first added to BMW vehicles in 1992 and was engineered to improve engine performance by modifying the engine’s intake as well as exhaust valves. This modification now allows for both valves to open and close reflexively as you drive, which greatly improves engine performance.

The increase in engine performance leads to much smoother idling, an increase in torque, and a much more elastic powerband. The VANOS system also introduced solenoids into the engine systems, which control the oil flow to the cam gears, making timing adjustments much more accurate.

Over the years, BMW has engineered 3 different types of VANOS systems, each of which can develop different issues and require different care. So, depending on the age and model of your BMW you might have:

  • Single VANOS
  • Double VANOS
  • Double VANOS with Valvetronic

VANOS System Repair, Maintenance, and Replacement

The VANOS system is a fine-tuned piece of engineering, but because of this complexity, repairs can be a tricky and expensive process. Repair requires special tools which are expensive to purchase. In all honesty, even if you love to DIY, this one is worth taking it to a professional who can guarantee the work performed. Remember, the VANOS system works directly with your engine, which is a very expensive component to overhaul if things go terribly wrong. Don’t take the risk. Leave VANOS system repair and maintenance to the professionals.

When choosing a professional, be sure to pick a shop that specializes in the BMW make and models, as the VANOS system is unique to BMW alone. You really don’t want someone poking around and figuring out things as they go.

In terms of maintaining the VANOS system, the best thing that you can do as a driver is to keep on top of regularly-scheduled maintenance, as this makes sure that any issue is spotted early. Keeping your oil levels topped up is also a great way to ensure the longevity of the system, as low oil levels can trigger error codes and cause the VANOS system to deteriorate. These two simple steps are all you need to do as a BMW owner to make sure your system remains in perfect working order.

When it comes to having your VANOS system replaced, the unit itself will only need to be swapped out after 70,000 miles. However, the seals are likely to need care sooner at around 50,000 miles. Never delay on these replacements, because a poorly-working VANOS system will affect the performance of your engine and your overall driving experience.

European Auto Tech: The Best in Plano

When it comes time to have your BMW and its VANOS system serviced, repaired, or replaced, BMW VANOS System Check bring your car to a BMW specialists to ensure all work is completed correctly and in compliance with the manufacturer. Luckily for residents living in Plano and the surrounding areas of Allen, Dallas, Flower Mound, Frisco, Highland Park, McKinney, Park Cities, Richardson, Southlake, and University Park, TX, European Auto Tech is on hand to help. We are your local BMW experts and are well known in the community for our award-winning service we provide. In fact, our friendly team of experts at European Auto Tech are so confident that you will love the work we do that we offer a 90-day/4,000 mile guarantee as standard on not just labor but parts too, meaning you can drive away with confidence each time you visit us.

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