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Volkswagen MAF Sensor

Why It Can Be Dangerous to Drive a Volkswagen with a Faulty MAF Sensor

by europewpadmin January 26, 2022

Volkswagens are often chosen due to the brand’s reputation as a safe and reliable automobile, but MAF sensor issues can dramatically impact your car’s driveability and durability. Like any sensible car owner, you wonder what your specific car problem means and what kind of issues you’re going to be faced with. So let’s discuss a faulty MAF sensor so you can recognize signs of it’s malfunction and know what to do next.

What is a MAF sensor?

The Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor of your vehicle is a small sensor in between the air filter and intake of your vehicle’s engine. It measures the weight and temperature of air flow in your engine. It sends this vital information to the computer in your car so that the ratio of air-to-fuel is at the optimal level.

As you can imagine, this is a very important component of your vehicle’s engine. The air entering must be the same weight and temperature as the air already in your engine to keep the whole operation running as smoothly as you have come to expect from German engineering.

How to Know if Your MAF Sensor is Faulty

There are a few things to look for in your Volkswagen that might point to a MAF sensor issue:

  • Poor acceleration. You will probably notice this while driving on the highway, when you attempt to reach full speed it feels like it takes your car much more effort and time to get there.
  • Engine stalling. You might notice that your engine is misfiring or stalling more often due to a MAF sensor failure. This is very dangerous because it can damage your engine parts. You don’t want to let the problem get out of hand with even more expensive to fix!
  • Lower MPG. If you notice that your car is using up gas more quickly than usual, it could be due to MAF sensor failure. Gas is expensive enough these days!
  • Shaking while idling. If you feel a rumble or shake from under your hood while idling, this can mean that your MAF sensor has failed.
  • Check engine light. Your car does not have a light for a MAF sensor failure, but your car may recognize it as an engine issue and turn on the check engine light. You should always get your car looked over by a trusted professional as soon as your check engine light turns on.

Possible Dangers of Driving with a Faulty MAF Sensor

Driving with a faulty MAF sensor is bad because it could seriously affect the main draws of owning a luxury car like a Volkswagen. It could negatively affect the driving experience, making it harder and less smooth of a drive. Also, you could experience more serious side effects, like wearing down a main component of your engine and having to replace even more parts.

If your ability to accelerate is affected, you may even be putting your life in danger. Merging successfully on the highway depends on accelerating at a speed matching other drivers. If your car will not accelerate due to an MAF sensor failure, you may severely misjudge a merge and have an accident.

Keeping up with the suggested maintenance for your car will prevent a MAF sensor failure from ruining your Volkswagen driving experience and potentially harming your vehicle’s engine. You should not try to repair the MAF sensor on your own unless you are a mechanic familiar with Volkswagen vehicles. You should only trust the care of your Volkswagen to trained professionals with experience.

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