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MINI Automatic Gear Shift Issue

Expert Advice in Plano to Address an Automatic Transmission Failure in Your Mini

by europewpadmin June 9, 2022

To keep your Mini running smoothly, you have to ensure that all of the necessary parts and systems are kept in good working order. This can only be achieved with the right maintenance culture. Minis have some issues specific to them, and one of those is transmission problems.

Transmission problems in Minis are more likely to arise when the driver exhibits poor driving habits, as well as when the vehicle reaches a high mileage. While this problem is more prevalent in manual transmissions, it’s important to remember that automatic transmissions aren’t immune and require regular maintenance to avoid these issues.

Dealing with automatic transmission problems can be annoying because you are without your car when it is being repaired, not to mention the possible cost of repair that would be a burden to your pocket. As a result, you should be cautious and aware of the early indicators of transmission failure. This will help you respond to problems while they are still minor, allowing for quicker and less expensive fixes.

Let’s look at how to detect whether it is time to get your Mini’s transmission tuned up.

Common Signs of Transmission Failure

The following symptoms usually point to an issue in the automatic transmission of your Mini. However, because every car is different, if something doesn’t feel right with your Mini when it shifts gears or performs in general, it’s better to visit the nearest auto repair shop.

  • Low/Leaked Transmission Fluid: Transmission fluid is required to lubricate the transmission system and must be maintained in order for it to function properly. Any leaks will limit the transmission fluid’s efficacy and the protection it provides your transmission system. The color of transmission fluid is often dark red or pink and has a mildly pleasant odor. If your Mini has a transmission leak, it is easy to detect because the droplets will most likely collect under the front or middle section of the vehicle.
  • Overheating of the engine: Apart from the engine, the transmission is the hottest part of your Mini. Gear shifts take a lot of energy, and too much energy and force in a particular section would generate heat. When a transmission starts to fail, it would begin to operate at a higher temperature. This can also cause your engine to overheat. Overheating engines can cause serious and costly damage, potentially rendering your Mini useless. As a result, make sure you diagnose transmission problems early on.
  • Check-Engine Light Illumination: The check engine light is there to protect your engine from serious damage, like the one described above. It warns the driver that there is a problem with the engine or one of the monitored systems has a problem that has to be fixed. While this does not always imply that the transmission is faulty, you may never know the extent of the problem until the computer’s error codes are scanned by a specialist using diagnostic instruments. Do not take chances with your Mini’s health, as proper checks would save you from heavy repairs.
  • Problems with Gear Shifting: Since the transmission is required to correctly shift gears, a malfunction would mean that you would have difficulty changing from one gear to the other. When accelerating or changing gears, you may notice that your RPMs fluctuate erratically or that your Mini hesitates.
  • Your Car Shakes As You Accelerate or Decelerate: When your transmission fails, it impacts how your Mini drives, especially when you accelerate or decelerate. When you accelerate, you may notice that your Mini jerks forward or even shakes. This is an indication that the transmission is failing.

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