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Most Sought After Garage in Plano for Repairing Land Rover DSC Failure

by europewpadmin April 2, 2020

Land Rovers have gained popularity over the years for both their durability and their versatility. These vehicles are designed with a high set of standards and innovative technology that keeps them on the roads for long periods of time. To keep up the quality of the vehicle, maintenance is required on several different parts that are susceptible to failure. One of these parts is the Land Rover’s Dynamic Stability Control, or DSC, which will be the focus of this article.

What is DSC?

The dynamic stability control system is one piece of technology that your Land Rover uses to ensure that you are safe while on the roads and that your driving experience is as pleasant as possible.

The dynamic stability control system is comprised of several different sensors around the car that relay information about road conditions to each other. It uses that information to keep the car under control. This is a multi-faceted system that works in cooperation with the car’s braking, steering, and suspension systems.

What Will Happen if the DSC System Fails?

Because the DSC system affects so many other parts of the car, there can be several negative side effects of its failure, including the failure of other systems that operate hand in hand with the DSC system. Here are some symptoms of DSC failure in your Land Rover:

Anti-lock Braking System Failure

Failure of the Anti-lock Braking System, or ABS, may result if your DSC system stops functioning. ABS is designed to keep your car from skidding or hydroplaning when the brakes are applied forcefully, so its failure could be dangerous.

Problems Using Cruise Control

One of the things that DSC regulates is vehicle speed based on road conditions. So, you may find that cruise control in your Land Rover may not be functioning properly if your DSC has failed. This could lead to other issues and may end up in an unlucky speeding ticket.

Reduced Efficiency

The DSC system is in charge of making sure that your automobile is operating at peak efficiency via information gathered regarding vehicle speed, engine speed, brake pedal position and force, throttle position, and steering angle sensor. DSC failure will leave your Land Rover without good efficiency management, and your vehicle may suffer.

The DSC Light Comes On and Stays On

If your DSC fails, then assuming your dashboard lights work properly, a DSC warning will illuminate and continue to alert you until the system is fixed. The DSC light comes on for a brief period of time when the system is actively working and functioning properly.

This won’t always be the case. So, if you suspect there is an issue with your dynamic stability control system, don’t rule it out simply because the light isn’t staying on. It’s recommended to consult an expert technician if you are worried about the status of your Land Rover’s DSC system.

Other Notes About Symptoms of DSC Failure

Drivers who frequently use their Land Rovers off road or in unsteady terrain will likely notice any faults in the DSC system before drivers who primarily use their Land Rovers for street travel. This is because the DSC does its most amount of work on challenging terrain when it senses the wheels are losing their grip on the ground.

While you can still drive with a failed DSC system, you will lose safety features and a certain level of efficiency. Land Rover recommends consulting a professional technician as soon as possible when your car’s DSC system fails.

European Auto Tech Has the Answers

Once you know that your DSC system is failing, Land Rover DSC Failure Fix the best course of action is to visit a certified mechanic shop. In the Plano, Texas area, there is no better garage than European Auto Tech. We specialize in European imports like Land Rover, so our expert mechanics can help with a wide range of issues that may wreak havoc on your vehicle.

European Auto Tech’s garage is located at 3953 Central Expressway in Plano. Our experienced mechanics also serve residents from Allen, Dallas, Flower Mound, Frisco, Highland Park, McKinney, Park Cities, Richardson, Southlake, and University Park. We care about your driving experience and hope that you will stop by and visit us to enjoy our award-winning services and unmatched customer service.

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