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Jaguar Automatic Transmission

Ways to Deal With Automatic Transmission Jerking in a Jaguar

by europewpadmin September 3, 2020

Jaguars are elegant and luxurious vehicles. They provide drivers with the excitement of high-end performance, and they are a symbol of success. Jaguars can experience component failures. One issue that plagues Jaguars is automatic transmission trouble.

Causes of Automatic Transmission Jerking in Jaguar

Jerking during shifting can be worrisome. Your Jaguar should provide a smooth ride. If it is experiencing jerking, there is a problem. There are a few common issues that can lead to shifting problems:

  • low transmission fluid level
  • clogged transmission filter
  • faulty shift solenoid

Automatic Transmission Failure Symptoms

Your Jaguar should produce early warning signs when the automatic transmission begins to fail. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, bring your car into our European Auto Tech. Our mechanics will perform a diagnostic check to determine the exact cause of the problem.

  • Low Transmission Fluid: A leak under your Jaguar is never a good thing. If the fluid is a deep red color, it is probably transmission fluid. Having the proper level of transmission fluid is critical for smooth shifting. When the level is low, the timing will be off. This leads to jerking.
  • Smell of Burning Fluid: When there is a transmission fluid leak, the fluid can drip on the engine. The hot engine burns the fluid. It produces a smell that is compared to burning rubber.
  • Engine Overheats: If your transmission begins to fail, it will add stress on the engine. Your engine will have to work harder which causes it to overheat.
  • Strong Vibrations: Excessive vibrations are a common sign of automatic transmission failure. The vibrations often happen during acceleration.
  • Trouble Shifting Between Gears: The most obvious symptom of automatic transmission failure in a Jaguar is trouble shifting. There is often a hesitation or an intense jolt when changing gears.
  • Check Engine Light: The check engine light can be triggered by many different issues. If the check engine light is illuminated, have a diagnostic scan right away. A triggered light can be caused by something as simple as a loose gas cap to something critical like automatic transmission failure.

Preventing Automatic Transmission Failure

Some component failures are not preventable. However, staying current on regular maintenance can help to prevent automatic transmission failure. With regular maintenance, you are extending the life of your vehicle.

The transmission is one of the most expensive parts of your Jaguar. Without the transmission, your car will not move. Regular checkups will allow your mechanic to keep your transmission in proper working order.

Automatic Transmission Repair

Jerking should not occur when your Jaguar is switching between gears. If you notice an issue with your transmission, come see our skilled mechanics at European Auto Tech. Transmission issues often affect the way your car drives.

If you notice any of the above symptoms, have your car checked out right away. Transmission issues should never be ignored. Taking care of the problem early can save you time and money. Continuing to drive your Jaguar could lead to complete failure. You could possibly have an accident or be stranded.

Trust Us with Your Transmission Repair

For over 18 years, we have been helping drivers in the Plano, TX area. You do not have to have your Jaguar serviced at a dealership. Our technicians provide dealership quality service at a fraction of the cost. We are proud to have established our reputation for honesty, quality and expertise.

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