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What to Do When Your Lexus Tires are Wearing Faster in Plano

by europewpadmin October 2, 2022

Irregular tire wear is a very common occurrence in all vehicles. There are many reasons why the tires of your Lexus will wear out. The major reason is that the front tires hold more weight and are subjected to higher stress during steering and braking. As a result, the front tires in your Lexus might have a short lifespan compared to the back tires. These issues and many others are very noticeable when they begin to take a toll on the tire.

If you want to avoid uneven tire wear in your Lexus, you should rotate your tires on a regular basis. Let’s look at some causes of rapid tire wear and how to check for uneven wear.

Causes of Fast Tire Wear

If your Lexus tires are wearing out faster than expected, and the tread wear is obviously different amongst each tire, it might be caused by different reasons. The good thing is that with regular automobile maintenance, these issues can be easily resolved.

Here are some of the most prevalent reasons for early tire wear and shortened tire lifespan:

  • Wheel Alignment: Wheel alignment is a key factor when it comes to uneven tire wear issues. If your wheel alignment is faulty, the separate tires and wheels are subjected to varying degrees of stress while you drive. During your regular car maintenance, ensure your wheel alignment is examined and correctly adjusted so that your tire and every other suspension component will last longer.
  • Driving Habits: Your driving habits will undoubtedly affect the wear on your vehicle’s tires and wheels. If you always accelerate suddenly from a stop, slam on the brakes, or drive too hard through tight turns, you are just shortening the life of the tires.
  • Tire Rotation: If you do not rotate the tires of your Lexus on a regular basis (typically every 5,000 to 6,000 miles), they will not last long. When you drive your Lexus, there is bound to be uneven wear, so rotating them on a regular basis (typically at the same time as your oil change) will help to balance out the wear and keep the treads on each tire from wearing down quicker.
  • Suspension System: If the suspension system of your Lexus is faulty or calibrated wrongly, you would feel every single vibration and bump on the road. Whenever your suspension has issues, and some of its components stop working efficiently, the tire will carry the weight and bear the consequences.
  • The Brake System: If the brake pads in your Lexus wear out or the discs or calipers become stuck, it will result in uneven tread wear. When doing your general car maintenance, you should always get your brakes tested to be sure it is working fine.
  • Power Steering: Although it is unlikely for problems in the power steering to cause tire stress or uneven tire wear, it is still very possible. Power steering servicing should be performed on a regular basis to ensure appropriate wheel alignment.

How To Check For Tire Wear

  • Visual examination: Always begin with a visual assessment when you feel that your tire is wearing out too fast. Check the whole tire and try to observe if one tire is more worn than the others. Does the tire wear have a particular pattern? Is there more wear at the center, side, or any unusual wear marks? You should also look out for any attached objects or marks made by your objects your tires have gone over.
  • Examine the Tread Surface: You may detect something troubling during your visual check. To confirm, simply rub your hand on the surface of the tread. By doing so, you won’t just see the problem, but you will also be able to feel it.
  • Visit A Mechanic: After your personal observation of the car, you may or may not be able to detect the cause of the wear. We recommend that you take your Lexus to a qualified mechanic close to you so they can run a proper diagnosis on your vehicle.

Visit Our Lexus Experts for Your Tire Wear Solution

Bring your car to the professionals Lexus Tire Wear Checkat European Auto Tech if your tires are wearing unevenly or quickly. Before performing any recommended repairs, we’ll conduct a complete check to determine the source of the problem. We can check your wheel alignment and put you on a routine maintenance schedule to keep the tires in your Lexus—and everything else running smoothly.  We serve clients in and around Allen, Dallas, Flower Mound, Frisco, Highland Park, McKinney, Park Cities, Richardson, Southlake, University Park, and Plano, TX. You can visit any of our locations to get expert Lexus services.  Call us now to schedule your next appointment.

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